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Lean In Michigan

2019 Leadership Conference

November 9, 2019
12:30-5:00 pm
Henry Center
3535 Forest Rd
Lansing MI 48910

JOIN US - all are welcome as attendees from across the state come together for our annual conference to:

CONNECT with motivated leaders

BUILD confidence and skills


The concept of Lean In is to encourage women to ‘sit at the table’, to seek challenges, to take risks and to pursue their goals with passion. Lean In encourages both women and men to support women in leadership positions (whatever level it may be) – both to reach that leadership position and to thrive upon appointment.


Lean In Michigan empowers women to achieve their ambitions through programs that counter gender stereotypes and advance opportunities for all women. Because we're more likely to get where we're headed if we go TOGETHER.


  • There will be snacks and refreshments

  • Free parking on site

  • A nursing mothers room will be available

  • Recommended dress is snappy casual

  • Bring plenty of business cards and paper for note taking

KEYNOTE, Deb Eslinger

201908 - Deb - 048 small.jpg

Successful business owner, coach to entrepreneurs and super-mom survivor


Designing Your Best Life

Too many people live their day to day life just trying to get through it. Deb believes life is a collection of one's experiences and reactions to what gets put in your path. We all have a story, and that story doesn’t need to define who you are and who you are meant to become! Deb will take you on a journey that encompasses great loss and adversity. She will show you the way to not only survive but thrive in your personal and professional life no matter your circumstances. She will inspire you to wake up and feel alive by helping you find your purpose and build a plan for you to take action. She will demonstrate why TODAY is the most important day and what you need to start doing to be your best self. 


Do it Afraid! Making Progress in Life Despite Fear… Kimika M. Garrett, Organizational Kimistry

How many times have you wanted to do something but didn't? Quit the job that you are overworked and underpaid? Hike the "advanced" trail? Spend a FULL-guilt-free day at the spa? There are so many things…big and small…that we miss out on throughout lives…all due to some form of "fear." What is surprising, is that most people do not recognize "fear" for what it is. During our session, we will share, overcome and create a path forward to SMASH our fears. By the end of the session, you will have identified at least one to two "quarter turns" that you will have a plan to start immediately and a better sense of what "Do It Afraid" means to you.

Mind Mapping and Creating a Financial Vision Board: Dr. Sherri Trice, Designed IV Greatness

Being a leader starts at home and being a leader in your finances. Think of at least 1-2 financial goals you want to accomplish this year and develop a step by step plan for achieving the goals.


#IamRemarkable: Veta Martin

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Our goal is to improve the self promotion, motivation, and skills of women and underrepresented groups. The workshop will highlight to participants the importance of self promotion in their careers and provide them with the tools to practice this skill.


Empowering Girls Maria Serrato along with Marisa, Melanie and Jovanna from Capital Area Latina Youth

The mission of CALY is to create a network of Lansing-area Latina youth to foster empowerment, education, cultural advancement, and leadership among Latina youth in middle school and high school. You'll learn how CALY empowers girls and how you can also motivate, support, mentor and be a champion for girls in your life. 


Check Your Privilege, How to Support Women of Color and LGBTQ Individuals: Beth Cooley

Do you want to be a better ally to WOC and LGBTQ Women?? This session is a facilitated discussion on how to be an ally to Women of Color, Queer and Trans women by unpacking our privilege through reflection and conversation.


Basic Mental Health Concerns and the Impact on Sexual Health: Desirea Kring, LMSW

Mental health concerns have been coming to the forefront of society in the recent years as people are becoming more aware of the problems that they can cause. People are becoming freer to discuss the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders. Mental health issues can also affect sexual health, which is often overlooked. It is important to be able to understand how they can impact sexual health so there can be more self-awareness, as well as an enlightened understanding of others.


Diary of a Positive Deviant: Influence without Authority: Jennifer Evans, Positive Deviance Lab

There is increasing enthusiasm for Positive Organizational Psychology and its potential for maximizing employee engagement and organizational thriving. Generously intended, the concepts often evolve into top down strategies hoped to elicit bottom up engagement. With an understanding of positive deviance it is alternatively possible for these same principles to directly empower those with lower authority. Positive deviance is a construct that supports strategies that are outside the norm yet have positive research based outcomes. However, because most organizations depend on conformity, many employees are afraid to initiate beyond the constraints of their position.

Going for the Career of Your Dreams: Mita Fitzjohn
Going for the career of your dreams takes courage and means getting out of your own way. Attend this session to learn how to identify what your dream career is; identify and overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of the career of your dreams; and recognize that you can make money while working in your dream career.


helping women period_final-2.jpg

We'll be holding a collection drive for Helping Women Period at the conference. They provide feminine hygiene products to homeless and low-income women. All donations are welcome:

  • $35 contribution covers one woman's needs for an entire year (checks should be made out to Helping Women Period)

  • pads

  • tampons

  • panty liners

  • personal wipes

  • bladder control products

  • bags for discreet distribution

Open boxes are welcome, as long as the items are individually wrapped.

THANK YOU to our Sponsors

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To receive information on future Lean In Michigan events, make sure to JOIN THE NETWORK. Membership is free!

Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds after September 15, if you would like to transfer your ticket to someone else please email us at

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