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Lean In Women of Color Michigan

Lean In Women of Color Michigan is dedicated to advancing women of color in leadership.


Across the board, the leadership gap between men and women is significant, but for women of color, the gap is greater.

As Lean In states, "Mentorship and sponsorship are key drivers to success!" However, women of color aspiring to leadership face unique challenges when finding a sponsor. Compared to white men, women and men of color have limited access to social networks that can provide information about jobs, promotions, professional advice, resources and expertise according to the 2014 AAUW Barriers and Bias study.

Lean In Women of Color is a champion in this mission for diversity and inclusion and respond to the unconscious biases that often get in the way. Lean In Women of Color confronts some of these challenges and promotes resources for women of color and communities.

We want to arm all women with the right tools so they can accomplish their goals. In addition, we want them to keep the seat warm so more women can thrive! 


Are you dedicated to promote, encourage, and support women - especially women of color to connect, grow, and lead? We invite all women and men across Michigan to participate which better equips us for diversity to ensure inclusion.


Click the button below to Join Lean In Women of Color Michigan and stay in the know on upcoming events and Circle meetings!

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